Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Oils on paper, 30x25cm. Took a trip down to the coast at Troon on Saturday, got out my little fold-away chair, and sat for an hour or so sketching these guys fly up and down the surf with these fantastic kites that pulled them along at great speed on their surfboards. The boards have two loops which they stick their feet through to hold on and they skite across the waves sometimes flying up 5metres into the air. On occassions they land flat back on the water and carry on, but mostly they crash into the sea and have to start again. These guys are hardy because, although it is a bright warm sunny day the water is absolutely freezing! Just as well they have these black all-in-one thermal suits on otherwise they would be like blocks of ice in no time!
In this little painting I was trying to capture the fleeting movements of the kite as it whooshes past, and maybe a little of the thrill these blokes obviously get and my enjoyment of the action. I've made this surfer very cavalier by holding the ropes with only one hand and waving to the onlookers to show just how cool he is!
I could do that (if I wasn't such a wimp when it comes to activities on, and in, the icy waters!!!).

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